& Landing Pages

DevelopRes started its own activity on the polish real estate market in 2006. Since then, the company developed projects which stand out because of the high quality standard, comfort and functionality. The priority of the company is to content the most demanding clients expectations by constructing unusual residential complexes building.


During our cooperation with DevelopRes, we designed a high-quality and more user-friendly website with efficient apartment search engine and investment sites. We connected existing trends in the real estate sector with our vision and also made responsive Website. Moreover, we graphically designed and code a Landing Pages for a different groups of DevelopRes clients.

Scope of work

Web design, Web development, Front-end coding, API integration


Project members

Project Manager, 2 IU Designers, Front-end Developer, Copywriter



RWD Website and Landing Pages


Design & Front-end

Most important task was to create mobile friendly Website and integrate it with apartment database. We designed and code mobile-first website using low amount of code on mobile devices.


Second task was to get contact details of people with low amount of time, interested in buying apartment. In that case we made landing pages with different type of apartment matched to campaign and content personalized to users.