100% branding

for local restaurant

Restaurant serving perfect quality meals consisting of 100% beef. Its specialities are burgers and grilled meats.


Within the cooperation with GRAND BEEF we have created full branding. Project in its visual layer refers to the main ingridient which is dominant in meals served, that is beef, hence the symbol of horns. At the same time it resembles curled mustache which is associated with elegant style. This combination perfectly harmonizes with restaurant’s character.

Scope of work

Brand creation, Web design, Front-end & Back-end coding, Campaign


Project members

Project Manager, 2 Product designers, 2 Developers, Copywriter



Full Branding, Website as well as Social media & Outdoor campaign

Be visible

Being local

In style of nonchalant elegance, we created and then implemented a website, menu, clothing, etc. We have implement campaign, which included preparation of advertising materials, i.a. leaflets and posters as well as developing a social media action plan. Our tasks:

  • Logo creation
  • Website concept and implementation
  • Creating internet website with CMS
  • Outdoor marketing (i.a. leaflets and posters)
  • Social media action plan