Branding website

with the product catalog

We have been cooperating with the company from the very beginning of its activity. We are responsible for overall branding activities, including visual identification (logo etc.) and naming.


Oriwood is Orimat’s premium product, for which we are also responsible since it was introduced to the market. We have implemented branding and a website in accordance with the client’s assumptions.

Scope of work

Branding, Webdesign, Web coding, API integration

Project members

Project Manager, Web Designer, Developer


Product website

Publish today,

develop in the future

For a company operating on several European markets, it was important to display products and provide complete information about its offer. We have created an branding website with a custom form and a mechanism for quick optimization in all languages.


To implement the project, we used the latest technologies, i.e. Vue.js, Sass, Gulp and Tailwind. Thanks to this, we have optimized the project execution time and minimized the number of possible complications when implementing new elements in the future.