Loan agreement

Online platform

Our client has planned the launch of a new product on the loan market, to reach a different group of clients.


The task was to create a new brand and implement software that allows you to get a loan proposal online. We performed an analysis of competing brands, used our experience, and as a result we designed a new brand and website with the possibility of receiving a loan decision within a few minutes.


Scope of work

Webdesign, Front-end


Project members

Project Manager, Web Designer, Full-stack Developer



RWD Website with API integration


is important

Together with the client, we knew what the loan website should look like. However, when the audience changes, the perception of the product changes as well.


To understand the idea of the project, we used Skype to contact the client and Asana to manage tasks. To implement the new website we used the Adobe products, VUE.js, WordPress and we have done API integration with few other platforms.