A new product

on the HR market

Cooperation program between medical institutions in the European Union. MERIDEN was a new product of our client which we launched to the market.


The first goal was to create an offbeat name and visual elements which are unique in the market yet associated with medicine. The project included:

  • Analysis and market research
  • Developing a strategy for the promotion
  • Visual identification
  • Naming

Scope of work

Brand creation, Web design, Front-end & Back-end, Back office software, Online promotion

Project members

Project Manager, 2 Designers, 2 Developers, Copywriter, Marketing Specialist


Branding, Website, Landing Pages, Campaign

Strong social media

in Sotrender reports

As a second task we have created website directly reffered to the created visual identification of the product. The site includes all the necessary information about the services. It enables up-to-date publication of current offers as well as very quick and direct contact making with MEDIREN consultants.


Our big success was Social Media campaign. In Sotrender reports for several months we took 1-5 place for: the most engaging site, interactive site and interactive post. That was a real battle on the HR market, between small MEDIREN and huge HR companies.