Interaction awarded

MTP Cooling is a company providing comprehensive services related to industrial refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation. The company has been operating on the market since 2009 in Great Britain, mainly in London.


As part of cooperation with MTP Cooling, a website and a functional online store were developed. Using our experience and based on the latest design trends, we have created a transparent responsive website that works on every device. Close cooperation and exchange of information with the customer contributed to the creation of a page consistent with the aesthetics of the refrigeration industry

Scope of work

UX/UI Mockup of website and online shop, Webdesign, Front-end coding, Back-end, Custom backoffice software


Project members

Project Manager, 2 Web designers, 3 Developers



Website and E-commerce available for Desktop, Tablet, Mobile



For our client we have implemented 2 products. At first we started with UI Prototyping of Website & E-commerce, and we finished with fully working custom products.


E-commerce challenge was to create easy way to relate accessories with main product, so client would always know how to get complete purchase. We have implemented 2 online payment methods (PayPal and SagePay) so that the user can finish shopping in any way.


The project was found as interesting product – We received the “Behance Interaction Award” from Adobe