Web application

Business to client

GetStairs is a user friendly platform where you can find tips about stairs, inspire yourself or simply find executor.


Our client came with an idea of startup business. Our first step was a rebranding of old fashioned brand, so we redesigned existing logo to make it more light, fresh and fit the product. As a main task we have created mobile-first web application, which is easy to use by users, Google friendly and has good conversion rate.

Scope of work

Web prototyping, Web design, Front-end & Back-end coding, Backoffice software


Project members

Project Manager, IU Designer, Web Designer, 2 Developers



Custom web application

Be inspired

right now!

The big goal was to create simple looking platform where clients can find stairs suited to their home. We made a prototype using Uxpin, where we could exchange opinion about usability. Then we started designing the web and building the front-end app. We used VUE.js to make single page application connected with custom back office platform.


We have managed to create an easy-to-optimize single page app that uses dynamic links to generate categories and locations.