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Producer of films based on polyurethane and laminate in accordance with the needs of the most demanding customers located not all over the world.


In cooperation with mdm NT we have implemented a website that provides clients and partners with all information about the company’s products. When designing, it was important to provide content to the user in the simplest and transparent way. The key task was to present the product’s capabilities through the industries in which it can be used.

Scope of work

UX/UI Mockup, Web design & development


Project members

Project Manager, IU Designer, Web Designer, Full-stack Developer



Multilingual website

Website with superb

search engine

Our client came to us with the need to refresh the existing website, which aims to be a presentation of a semi-product that can be used in many other products. We decided to highlight the industries in which it can be used.


The second key task was to help partners find the necessary information and technical documentation. In this case, we have code a search engine that browses all content with live preview.