Your help

matters a lot

Charity operating in Poland whose mission is to take care of youth and adults with cancer and incurable diseases.


As a part of the action plan we were responsible for a comprehensive designing of all visual identity elements, including name and logo. We also designed a high-quality and trustworthy website. Furthermore we prepared the collection of creative artwork (posters, banners), outdoor and online innovative marketing campaign and help with recording advertising spot for TVP. “No matter who you are, matters that you help” scored an important success.

Scope of work

UX/UI Mockup, Web design, Web coding, Back office software, Promotion

Project members

Project Manager, UX/IU Designer, 2 Designers, 2 Developers, Copywriter, Marketing Specialist


Website & Landing Page, Outdoor & Online Campaign

The website

must pursue its goal

In addition to the Landing Page and the Campaign involving various target groups in supporting the foundation, we’ve created the main website of the Hospice.


We learned about the client’s need and listened to the voice of users. The biggest problem turned out to be the complicated way to get to the main information of donating. We designed the website so the main forms of help are available at users fingertips, and the main CTA changes functions depending on the needs of the foundation.