Sales website

with product catalog

Manufacturer of classic or modern home and office furniture. This is a great place to find ready-to-use and custom furniture for your apartment.


Cooperation with the customer is permanent. Initially, visual identification strategy was developed on the basis of which we designd all needed tools to promote products. As a main task we have created an advance website so that the user can quickly and easily explore the range of furniture.

Scope of work

UX/UI Mockup, Web & product design, Front-end & Back-end Development

Project members

Project Manager, IU Designer, 2 Designers, 2 Developers


Advance RWD Website, Digital and print products

Different products

but one website

Our task was to make the website easy to use, yet advanced and containing ready and custom products.


We have made an online furniture catalog with the option of adding any number of attributes to the product by the admin. In addition, we have created a similar mechanism with different look for custom products. Due to the wide price range, we have designed the website to fit every client.