of custom software

Commersoft is a business online software including CRM, invoices, helpdesk, task manager, process management, sales automation, team collaboration, etc. All features with custom workflow.


The work included three main stages. First one was about detailed familiarising with functionalities of professional platform for the business. Second stage included elaborating and planning new functionalities which improve system work. The third step was re-design the platform.

Scope of work

UX/UI Mockup, Webdesign

Project members

Project Manager, 2 Designers


RWD B2B Platform



The project concerned the advanced CRM ERP software to run the business. The main goal was to transfer the system to HTML version. New graphic functionalities were elaborated that allow personalization according to certain firms. The platform is not only visually attractive but also was designed in accordance with all the usability and user-friendly principles.


For a constantly developing product, we have created an application design and code front-end using HTML, Sass and Pug.